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For whom the bell of POLITICS tolls ?

( this paper was peer-reviewed, accepted and presented at Delhi Technical University during 2013, in a youth seminar) 

World of today stand abducted by POLITICS !

One’s sense of Reason asks: why should it be ?

For the major part of  man’s known history, inhabitants of earth were ruled by Kings, Feudal Lords, or autocratic foreign invaders. Then came democracy, peoples own political system, to manage his collective affairs of living by themselves. With democracy, there arrived POLITICS too in the midst of people.

What does POLITICS has to do in the peoples own political system of democracy ? Without doubt, whatever POLITICS does is in the VACUUM created by the Kings and his likes, at the REALM of RULING people !

While some of them enter the field with the genuine creative leadership urges native to every man, most others enter the field with the sole aim of satiating a vicious  human urge; that of  keeping large groups of people under their control and authority, like the Kings and his likes had dome it in the olden times. 

The question is, why should a governmental system of EQUALS, ie. DEMOCRACY should require a separate RULING class called the politicians? It defy plain sense of Reason.

Kings and his likes had OBVIOUS reasons to engage in the game , even at the cost of  BLOOD-SHEDS,  to keep his throne, because those coveted thrones were the next best on earth  after  the abodes of God ! Losing it for someone else was just unthinkable !So, blood-shed occurred naturally  during their regimes. 

But what about blood sheds, and even more ghastly incidents than blood-sheds in modern day democratic politics, in the name of having territorial upper-hand ? Reason demands acceptable answers  for such questions. Let us probe.

Kings and his likes were virtually Gods on earth ! Other than their own sweet will, there was nothing in the world to restrict their power and authority in their respective Kingdoms. Their freedom was absolute in all sense. 

 The first bed-time story that  every child on earth hear is, about some  KING and
Queen ! Hence, the highest and the best that  any human being could ever imagine to become in one’s life was, or achieve in his/or her life was  to be a KING/QUEEN, or someone like a KING/QUEEN in life !
Hence, it is quite natural that POLITICS has emerged in  human communities as the art and science to fill this VACUUM, created after the vanishment of kings and his likes in the world.

But democracy was never intended to be a competition among peoples class for grabbing the vacant throne of Kings ! 

If democracy was intended to be a plain peoples form of government, where people elect their representatives to SERVE them in country governance, the sphere of POLITICS would not have emerged as a profession of fierce fights and conflicts among human groups for doing this  painful,managerial job ! At the inception stage  of democracy, no one had thought of  getting rid off   the KINGS' kind of governance system from the scene, which was predominantly a seat of brutal power and authority. Such systems suited only for Kings and his likes, not for a governance system of EQUAL men.

But unfortunately, democratic governments had inherited the same kind of governmental machinery from the Kings, with all the myths, and the spirit of the RULER, and the RULED.

Why should people pay the price of POLITICS for having democracy ?

Politics is nothing but  plain fight among interested professional groups, to access the seats of AUTHORITY and POWER of RULING countries. Its mythological and proverbial attraction is excessively high, as described above. This attraction is there in the blood of every human being. Hence, the bells of politics is not at all ringing for the people, and their wellbeing, or taking human beings towards more and more civilizational heights.  It is an activity for its own sake, for fulfilling a small minority group’s primeval urges to become a RULER, or at least part of a ruling class ! People are mere instruments for their achieving the above  NEUROTIC  craving  - - - converting people into a class of mute  spectators. Politicians are slowly grooming in modern societies as another MASTERLY class of RULERS, replacing the old such classes in history , that democracy always wanted to done away with. This was a calamity that democracy by default intended to get rid off.

These groups specialize in gaining more and more peoples support in the society, to grab political power, unlike in the past, where physical strength and war-fare superiority decided the fitness to grab political power. Like a meek but dangerously desirable woman, ‘people’ remained the target of these groups .  If it was capturing geographical territories in the past, it is today demographical territories ! As physical coercion was looked down upon in the mainstream world with the emergence of  civilian ideologies, MODERN DAY POLITICAL GROUPS  are up for capturing mind realm of the people, to establish  demographical strength - -mind's  feeds such as culture, beliefs, faiths etc. are the new targets, for establishing control over the mind realm of groups of people.

Can political authority and power of governments over people be compared to man's traditional authority over woman ?  

When the institution of marriage was established in human communities for the first time, it was simply to avoid blood-shed and competition over the target of men's passion- - woman. Though Man’s traditional authority over women had never been formally taken away at the time of instituting the custom of marriage, this institution has gradually been matured into more civilized lines now, where women enjoy equal status in the institution of marriage.  Traditional authority of man over the weaker sex has no legal, or moral value in modern times. Reason prevailed over the strength of the wrong tradition. 

A similar transformation over the traditional powers of governments over its people is what should take place in the modern day political field - - -at the time of institutionalizing democracy as peoples own political system, an arrangement of EQUALS, this traditional authority should have been put to re-check and re-thinking for its  inherent, future dangers ! This fatal lapse of man’s collective Reason was the chief cause of POLITICS emerging into its dangerous 
avatar in democracy today ! 

Sans its traditional political power, democracy would have more soberly evolved into a much effective and meaningful political system, truly meant to manage mankind's  collective affairs  in the best spirit of Reason, collective wisdom, and more centrally, his common sense !

Even now, there are ample way outs - - -but what first required is, opening-up of our collective sense of Reason over the stark reality ! Its folly must be now brought to the attention, and sense of reason of common citizens, intelligentsia, and the seats of education and judiciary !

The tenets of political power of democratic governments over its people should be fully taken away, and instead, plain Reason must be installed there as the controlling fuel. This proposition might look plain blasphemy for the na├»ve, RIGHTIST  mind-sets . But  mankind must put this record straight on this ,at all costs, as this transformation of democracy is essential to keep the momentum of the  hitherto followed line of development of  human civilization.

This conflict between the RIGHT wing men ( who believe in the natural right of the strongest and the smartest to rule over the less strong and the less smart) and  the ones that follow natures own law of EQUALITY,  and the all inclusive outlook, was a regular feature of man’s civilizational  development. 

 USA fought an internal war, ( The American Civil war) between these two ideological groups, on the question of giving freedom to the African Slaves ! One should remember that, this civil war took place during the reign of democracy - -proving, that, democracy in itself, was no guarantee for the permanent reign of the principles of universal freedom and liberty of man. The primeval elements are still predominant in human societies. They are the ones now keeping democracy abducted in the world, twisting and deforming it for achieving their  neurotic  end goals.

Hence, there should be nothing unusual about  taking up the issue of transformation of the political power oriented modern democracies into REASON oriented, pure managerial form of democracy. Democracy with a professional  POLITICAL class to mange democracy, hence, is an antithesis for the tenets of the great ideal !

Modern day politics is plain competition for grabbing political power !

Politics is virtually the new avatar of the old KING's time of frequent fights  over the ownership of  the throne. In spirit and essence, modern day political fights for government formation is nothing different from those olden times fights for capturing the throne ! Who can overlook the frequent political killings in India ! Who can over look gigantic electoral propaganda, invoking caste and religious sentiments of people, resulting in communal hatred and riots ! Who can over look the frequent bloody fights between political party activists even in the Communist ruled states of Kerala and West Bengal in India? 

Who can pretend ignoring the blatant violations of personal and moral propriety of political leaders who make themselves available as commodities for sale and purchase at government formation times ? Who can ignore the partnership pacts that entered between political leaders and corporate houses, and individual business men, for sharing the wealth of the countries once after coming to power ? For modern day large business houses, relevance of a new  5th factor of production ( besides the classical LAND,LABOUR,CAPITAL AND RAW MATERIALS) is undisputed - - -ie,  such partnerships with the ones in political power ! No business house of large proportions can ever think of doing successful business in modern democracies,without first having such pre-arrangements with any  political group. 

The wasteful war between the ruling party and the opposition

The one and only priority of the opposition party in  the present day democratic system, from day one is, to find strategies and sinful alliances to befall the ruling government. Even the most rational decision of the ruling government for peoples welfare would be pictured negatively by the opposition, as it is their POLITICAL DHARMA ! News papers and TV are used exclusively for accusations and counter accusations by political leaders and parties ! 

Media's passive partnership in political games

Media over joyfully depict all these chaos and absurdities for the consumption of the citizens, as vibrant, inevitable features of the great ideal, urging them to love it, and remain proud patrons of the system. They have succeeded in romanticising  everything that happens in the name of DEMOCRACY , and make people feel  that everything is perfectly well as per democratic 
norms !  For them ,it seems, democracy should mean only every one's freedom to air their voice, without any clear ideological direction ! The underlying, hidden thread of plain Reason that had given birth to democracy , which should be the sole guiding line and spirit of its every day course, elude them for unknown reasons !

Their job in democracy appears  more similar to that of  BOUT-MANAGERS in professional wrestling competitions, than a no non-sense WATCH-DOG role in Democracy ! They predominantly show the conflict aspect of politics  among political parties and its leaders, as it has more 'appeal factor' for their viewers and readers. They entertain people, showing the inherent conflict aspects in modern day democracy. Their business angle of the profession keep them away from the burden of leading people, and mankind in general, to intellectual sanity and clarity. This vital omission from the part of Media is indirectly helping the deformed form of  democracy thrive unchecked  in the world ! They could have saved the world, by leading both the leader class as well as common people out of the calamity, provided they had the right insight , and the will to undertake the said task that was professionally expected of them. 

Hence, the final question again - - - should POLITICS deserves to be kept in our lives for  having democracy ? The game of politics and its motivational spirits and working energies have nothing to do with a straight democracy. Its bells are certainly not ringing for peoples welfare , and the notion of a straight, no-non-sense democracy !

Politics is antithesis against the individual centred modern political theory

The most outstanding contribution of the Western or European thought to humanity is putting the human person as the end objective of all political and sociological theories. Every system of man must be aimed at serving the purpose of this human individual, his sense of  self-dignity, liberty and freedom. The end objective of every state is achievement of this singular goal. 

Concepts like ‘the inalienable rights of man’ that emerged to the centre stage after the French and American revolutions has changed the very course of human development. This golden theory, and western world's relentless efforts on this line has seen the entire world now enjoying the fruits of their scientific achievements, and all around human progress that  modern centuries have witnessed !

Hence, serious doubts arise as to whether present day capitalistic-democratic governmental system would be able to keep this centrality of individual dignity intact for long.  Many of its latest developments and ideologies straight away clashes with the  'centrality of human person' notion. 

The above described 'POLITICS' dominated democracy has no slot for the DIGNIFIED HUMAN PERSON in its scheme of work. They aim at wholesale handling of communities and groups, based on caste, language and religion. Single individual is like a low value coin for modern day political parties. One’s status and value in the society is ascertained by the group he belongs to. A stand alone individual is a NULL and VOID entity in modern societies !

Influx of capitalistic values into democracy

Capitalism is the reigning economic system in democratic countries. A citizen as a human person, deserving his inalienable individual dignity can have no relevance in capitalistic corporate management. One’s utility in the production or the management process decides his relevance and dignity. Its raw utilitarianism is often cruel and damaging to the sense of dignity of human person. If one has no use in the chain of systems, you are treated as waste - -deserved only to be discarded ! Charity, or ALTRUISM is the only concept under which such useless elements in capitalistic societies are dealt with !
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Hence, the goings at the political and economic fronts in the modern world is in the REVERSE DIRECTION, as far as its civilizational direction is concerned !This plain fact goes un-noticed in the mainstream world, because there is no designated agency in the modern world to ring warning bells against such running dangers !  Who represents the CONSCIENCE of the modern world ?  Media ? The universities ?  Political leaders ? Religious leaders ? Who ?

No clear answer. Every one, and every group is compelled to look after their own existence, survival, and well being as per untaught values in modern societies ! ‘Minding  own business’ is the unfortunate, but the best practical advice even on every parents' lips, for their wards !

The myth and fantasy of an OPEN WORLD !

Hence, an open world, as a notion, can said to be a clear FANTASY, a FALSE notion in the modern world ! Modern world is like personal back yard of powerful countries, or that of powerful industrial groups, who has clear stake over almost 85% of worlds’ wealth !

As for human civilization, a thread that generations to come will depend upon to define  their meaning of lives, depend upon such notion of an open world, with a distinct and clear RATIONAL and MORAL center. But can any one pin-point such a centre in the modern world as existing ? Despite having a United nations organization, USA as the most powerful nation in the world, a media that 24x7 depicts the world to its people, a moral conscience of the world is clearly absent ! What we made to hear is the voice of its strongest of MASTERS , who is interested only in making their voice heard as the dictum of truth and non-truth. Modern world is an ORPHANED entity in all its meaning !

 Enlightened generations of future would definitely stamp our generation as another extension of the DARK AGES, because human mind as a living organ stands dead today. Modern day predators in human societies are preying on the minds, not flesh !

What world badly require is new values and new directions. It has to save itself from self-deceptions like its twisted and deformed form of DEMOCRACY. Democracy without the infectious disease of POLITICS is what world badly needs, a straight, no-non-sense, peoples own form of, pure management oriented, governmental system.

Man’s native urge to put all other men around, under  control is an old jungle trait. Liberate the other person for sustainable freedom for all is the key value for future societies.

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Author: Abraham J. Palakudy,

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